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Molon Labe – ‘The Revolution Begins’ by G.S. Kyle

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past eight months, you’ve likely noticed the Federal Government’s latest attempts at gun control. If like me, you are a staunch second amendment proponent, you are enraged at what government officials call “common sense” legislation. Molon Labe: The Revolution Begins takes this to a whole new level.Kyle has delivered a brilliant fictional depiction of a grass-roots revolution that erupts when a massive government over-reaches calls on the United Nations military force to enact a firearms confiscation in the United States. The author forces the reader to take a realistic look at the type of warfare that would exist should a militia armed with AR-15’s and hunting rifles engage in battle with an organized military force equipped with the best of today’s military technology. The militia faces satellite and drone surveillance, modern heavy armor, and superior force strength, all while fighting to preserve the way of life they are sworn to protect.

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The heroes and heroines come from a mix of military, law enforcement, and medical backgrounds. Battles are won and lost, beloved characters emerge victorious and in defeat. The spirit of the book never strays from its purpose of defending the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I found myself cheering for the heroes and cursing the villain’s. No area of warfare is left untouched. Kyle deals with death and defeat with open eyes. He shows the emergence of military tactics to deal with the clear disadvantage the militia faces.Kyle shows how the government plans to use FEMA camps to detain families and suspected militants. He steers the militia in the direction of winning the”hearts and minds” of the people. He forces each reader to take an introspective look and ask themselves if they too could stand up and fight. How much could each stand to lose? How much would they stand to gain? It’s a great question that each of us should be prepared to answer.

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Wisely, Kyle doesn’t try to begin and end a revolution in one book. Thankfully this is the first book in the Molon Labe series. The Revolution Begins left me wanting and waiting somewhat impatiently for the next volume. If you are a gun-toting American that believes the second amendment, isn’t about what you need, but what is clearly your right, this book is a must read.This is a thought-provoking book based on current events and one potential future. The author is attempting to bring a very scary future timeline to the public, in the hopes that his fictionalized account will act as a warning sign.

Can We Defeat Cancer With Viruses? The Possible Answer to the Burning Medical Question

The struggle has been on-going for decades. Doctors keep repeating the same pieces of medical advice: stop smoking, eat healthy, keep fit. Every now and then we read medical articles stating that a new cure for cancer has been found. Clinical tests, however, may take years and in the meantime the illness takes a deadly toll with almost 600,000 deaths in 2011 in the U.S. alone. Still, the battle is on. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have recently discovered a virus which while completely harmless for us, easily targets the cancer cells. Under laboratory conditions, the agent managed to kill an impressive 100% of the pathologically changed cells.The AAV2 (adeno-associated virus type 2) virus – for this is its proper name – often infects human beings, without doing completely any harm. Some earlier studies have indicated a possible connection between the virus’ properties and the death of cancer cells, which the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania decided to investigate further into the topic. The effectiveness of the virus was tested on three different types of breast cancer, since it is the most common type of cancer in the world which causes millions of deaths every year. The results exceeded wildest expectations. The classic treatment, i.e., radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, is not only exhaustive, but also quite complicated due to the fact that each stage of the condition requires a different approach. The AAV2 virus therapy might be a real revolution, since it effectively eradicates cancerous cells regardless of the stage of the illness.

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The medical question automatically raised was: how does it work? To understand that, we should first get a grasp of what differs cancerous cells from healthy ones. Normally, if any cell in our body is damaged, a special type of protein turns on its in-built self-destruction mechanism. In cancer cells, this mechanism becomes deactivated, but the reproduction goes on. A logical and simple way to combat cancer would be to restart the normal self-destruction mechanisms. So far it seems that this is the way the AAV2 virus works.Under laboratory conditions, the virus managed to destroy all of the cancer cells in just seven days. Now, the scientists are working on how to employ the discovery for therapeutic purposes. One of the latest ideas is to isolate the virus gene responsible for the destruction of cancer cells and use it further in therapy. They are also simply making attempts at introducing the virus to the treatment in its regular form. Unfortunately, the latter method faces a serious barrier, set up by our own immune systems. The AAV2 virus does not attack healthy cells, nevertheless our immune system will detect and try to fight it. This is why it might seem more relevant to focus on the specific gene research, although it may take many years until it becomes applicable.

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Some other medical articles published by the University of Pennsylvania researchers add demonstrate that AAV2 virus is also effective against prostate cancer, malignant mesothelioma, carcinoma and melanoma.

Book Review For “The Phoenix Rebellion, Book 1, Revolution”

Written by: Gail Delaney
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 1-936000-08-3
Released: Oct 1, 2009
eBook Format
5 StarsDelaney scores with Book One of the Phoenix Rebellion, “Revolution.” Set in the near future, Delaney puts together an ensemble cast of characters and pits them against the Areth for the survival of the human race.The Areth come from outer space and appear human. They’ve come to Earth and shared medical technology with us, but little else. A group of humans, “The Phoenix Rebellion,” believe the Areth do not have peaceful intentions toward the human race. Covertly, a member of the Rebellion, Dr. Caitlin Montgomery, infiltrates the Areth’s medical complex in New Mexico. Caitlin learns that an Areth scientist, Kathleen, gave birth to a half-human, half-Areth child, Michael. Michael’s father is a human, Col. Nick Tanner. Caitlin finds Nick in Maine and shares the information with him. He’s stunned. He thought his wife and son had died in childbirth. Without a second thought, Tanner joins the Rebellion, despite the fact that his feelings for Caitlin are complicated due to their previous affair which ended badly.

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Nick finds General Castleton in Colorado and meets other members of the Rebellion – a married couple, Lilly, who is a doctor and her pilot husband, Jace. There’s also an empath, Dr. Beverly Surimoto. After a carefully coordinated plan, the Rebellion attack the Areth’s complex in New Mexico, hoping to free the Areth’s subjects – including Michael. An Areth scientist, Victor, has befriended Michael and helps the Rebellion. All is not well with Victor though, as he begins having a mental breakdown. The escape from the Areth’s complex in New Mexico is a thrill ride, but one of the Rebellion loses his life and the fate of the human race hangs precariously in the balance.Delaney’s writing is sharp. After a quick introduction to the Areth, Delaney jumps into the story. The plot flows well, never lingering. Delaney uses a good economy of words to paint descriptions. It’s easy for the reader to visualize her futuristic world.Delaney’s characters are what makes this science fiction story shine. Col. Nick Tanner is a passionate man who has been hurt deeply in the past. Learning to trust Caitlin again is a struggle. Caitlin, for her part, realizes the folly of her youth, and tries to make up for it. The couple’s chemistry is on a slow, smoldering burn that threatens to consume both when ignited. Victor’s plight is heartbreaking, especially since he’s an alien who shows Michael compassion. Michael’s condition is intriguing. It’s never fully explored in this book, leaving the reader wanting to discover more about him.

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The story is “sophisticated” for romance readers. Delaney’s love scenes are intense, yet tasteful. Book One: Revolution is a story packed with adventure, excitement, and love, making it a thrilling start to “The Phoenix Rebellion” series.

The Colon Cleanse Revolution – What’s the Current News About This Diet, Revealed!

One sad fact today is that our world is full of toxins already. We get these from the polluted water we drink, the dirty air we breathe, the harmful chemicals and additives from the foods we eat, the nicotine in cigarettes, caffeine, and carbonated beverages. That is why we need the Colon Cleanse Revolution these days. In this article, we will discuss the current news about this diet in order for us to reap the maximum benefits to maintain strong and healthy.

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The Colon Cleanse Revolution started to kick off when several medical studies revealed that colon cancer is by far the second leading disease killer as of today. Statistics show that it kills approximately about 60,000 Americans alone, but across countries, fatalities reach millions already. Consequently, people started to look for a way to help prevent this particular type of cancer.The cleansing process involves eliminating the toxins and other fecal matter so that our body is able to absorb food nutrients properly. This mechanism also helps kill all the parasites and other harmful bacteria pestering our intestinal tract, which causes many digestive problems such as constipation, gas or bloating.The latest update about the Colon Cleanse Revolution is that there are already various cleansers nowadays. Before, we can only do it the natural way–fasting with water, fresh fruit juices, or with raw and organic foods–now, there are already products that promise to cleanse our body in just one flush. We have the laxatives, enemas, powder, anti-parasite capsules, powders, strong herbal supplements, and fruit supplements just like acai pills. If you are planning to take any of these, make sure you consult first with your physician. Nevertheless, it is better to stick with the natural way.

How Medical Scrub Caps Became Popular?

Scrubs have become very popular these days that they are also used as a casual wear. They were even carried home from the hospitals. To avoid theft, hospitals embroidered their names on the medical scrubs.The common term for clothing and accessories in the medical facility is medical scrubs. Apart from scrub tops and scrub pants, medical scrubs also offer scrub caps, scrub jackets, facemasks and much more.Medical scrub caps were not considered as an important accessory for surgical purposes in older days. There was a sweep of hygiene focus in the year 1940 and this made medical scrubs an important and mandatory item in the agenda of medical industry. Later on, scrub hats became a regular item to help both doctors and patients to protect themselves from germs and hair fall issues during surgery. With bearded men it became especially difficult to control their facial hair, so designers full hats to overcome this problem.

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The year 1970 saw a revolution in the medical fashion world. By stitching their own scrub caps, professionals from the medical industry began customizing their own scrub caps. Alternatively, scrub caps with different patterns and fabrics were also available in the market.Surgical caps have been styled up considerably and have also gained popularity. These days scrub caps come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. Scrub caps generally come in a one size fits. Scrub caps come in different styles like simple tie-back caps, mega caps, tie-back bonnets and bouffant caps. You can also find different prints like happy dog print, snowman print, multi flower print, spring quilt print, shady daisy print and plain colors to name a few.When purchasing any garment, there are some features you should consider. Make sure you get both high quality scrub caps at a decent price. When you are looking for your scrub caps, you will find that Hospital scrub caps offer abundant options. You can be sure of discovering beauty of best styles, designs and cheap prices in the markets.

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Scrubs have become very popular these days that they are also used as a casual wear. They were even carried home from the hospitals. Hospitals, to avoid theft would embroider their names in their medical scrub. Also, this provided them a good popularity. Free advertising is what it really has become. People relate to the hospital’s name and logo and thus embroidered medical scrubs also came in demand.

Social Medical Revolution

What is Social Medicine?It is possible to argue that all medicine by its very nature is social. The way we define diseases and health, the methods we use for diagnosis and treatment, how we finance health care, all these cannot help but reflect the social environment in which medicine operates. Social medicine, however, looks at these interactions in a systematic way and seeks to understand how health, disease and social conditions are interrelated. This type of study began in earnest in the early 1800’s. It was the time of the Industrial Revolution and it was impossible to ignore the extent to which the factory system impoverished the workers, thus creating poverty and disease.”All medicine is inescapably social,” said Leon Eisenberg, the Harvard professor of social medicine and psychiatry, and this Author entirely agrees. Take, for example, the announcement of the sequencing of the human genome, which the BBC predicted would mean we could “banish inherited disorders, screen people for their vulnerability to diseases, tailor treatment to an individual’s genetic make-up, create thousands of new drugs and extend human lifespan.”

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Many social, political and intellectual movements that took place at the time influenced medicine in France during the nineteenth century. During the French Revolution, medical research was stunted, but soon gained momentum and France became the leading influence in the modern age of medicine. Through the research of many men, great gains of knowledge paved the way for medicine, as we know it today in the twentieth century.Social epidemiology is defined as “The branch of epidemiology that studies the social distribution and social determinants of health,” that is, “both specific features of, and pathways by which, societal conditions affect health.”Social epidemiology may focus on individual-level measures, or on emergent social properties that have no correlate at the individual level; simultaneous analysis at both levels may be warrantedSocial medicine is the study of health in its widest sense. It recognizes the broad determinants of health – income and poverty, education, environmental factors such as housing and transport – as well as health care and genetic influences. The Society aims to promote the development of scientific knowledge in social medicine. This covers a range of subjects including epidemiology, the medical and health needs of society, the provision and organization of health services and the prevention of disease.

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The goal of public health is to improve lives through the prevention and treatment of disease. The United Nations’ World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” In 1920, C.E.A. Winslow defined public health as “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.”

Health Care Reforms and Medical Necessity Determination

The United Sates of America is having the nastiest crisis of recession and down turn. The result is so awful that a record number of Americans received food stamps. The costs of entities have gone up and the joblessness is on its peak as five million US jobs have been lost. The disaster is affecting the nation on the whole. It has a psychological and physical impact on every single American. The significance of health care system can not be denied and there is an urgent need to bring reforms in health care.There is a lot of talk about healthcare reforms, it is the buzz now a days. President Obama is zealous to bring a change, a revolution in healthcare. The bottom line is to bring reforms with innovation to lower down the cost, improve quality and coverage and protect consumer choice. The ultimate vision is to provide every single American with quality medical services.

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It is no doubt that the medical errors are one of the most important factors that increases the cost of healthcare because it can create many other complexities to the existing problems. Medical error is an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis or treatment of a disease which can harm the patient and it can risk his life. When unsuitable methods are used and the execution is inaccurately, it can take a life away which can be effectively prevented through the use of an EHR system.President Obama is missing a part which is Medical necessity determination and is as important as medical errors. The “Obama strategy” is absolutely on the right track but the “tactics” are not complementing the strategy. Tactics the meat and bread of the strategy and the “doing aspect” is just not aligned with the strategy. The strategy is to bring reforms, promote scientific and technological advancement and lower down the cost by eliminating or reducing the medical errors whereas we need to add another factor to it of medical necessity determination. An altogether new E H R system with intelligence can turn it on.

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President Obama’s focal point is to invest in health information technology and advancement but by just spending the problem would not be solved. The currently existing E H R systems are not supportive and intelligent to grasp the necessity determination of a medical treatment. First there is a need to evolve the Electronic Health Record system and transform the system to intelligent system by injecting intelligence in it then it will be able to perform what is required.

For Those New To Medical Dictation Software

Voice recognition software is a new technology to numerous people. The ability it holds is tremendous and the efficiency it provides professionals is exceptional. No other technology enables professionals to complete clerical tasks in such little time and with ease as voice recognition does. For those who are new to voice recognition software, it’s time meet the revolution and begin using it to change your life.Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12 is a unique voice recognition software that helps professionals and any computer user use their computer in a more efficient way. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 interacts with the software people use on a regular basis, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and much more, and allows the user to command those programs through speech. Now, most people aren’t sure how efficient voice recognition software is and wonder whether the software will help?

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Well, voice recognition software is proven to be three times more efficient than regular typing. How? Speech is a natural act, something nearly everyone learns from the moment they are born and it’s more natural than typing. Since people speak naturally, it’s important to capitalize on this ability and integrate it with the computer to make interaction easier.Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 keeps up with the user as they speak and creates text as fast as the speaker talks. Not only does it keep up, but it is accurate as it records and creates text. Accuracy is important because the software must recognize the speech of every use. So, if the software weren’t accurate then the software would be useless. Accuracy enables the software to conduct its main functions and please the user.Corrections are a necessary part of transcription. A correction is always needed in some type of text file or even surfing the net. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 allows the user to change and correct text with their voice or with the use of the keyboard. Sometimes a quick correction is best with the keyboard, but the software allows corrections to be made through speech command.

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Whether the user is creating a spreadsheet or surfing the internet, voice recognition software changes the entire experience. Use a digital microphone or download an application to an Apple iPhone or Android phone to make the phone a mobile microphone. No matter where you are in a room, connect to the computer with a microphone or phone and start dictating what you want. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s pleasant.

Should You Start A Medical Spa?

Almost everywhere, plastic surgeons and dermatologists are contemplating or involved in expanding inside the med spa market. Seduced by the business buzz around this very hot sensation, quite a few medical professionals view a medical spa as a way to boost their profit in addition to reduce the grind and countless complications of their daily practice. Many find out about growth reports, discover bright cutting edge technology in industry shows, follow competition showing up, and fear that they may be sliding behind changes. With pencil at hand they are prepared to sign rent agreements, loan paperwork and a lot of checks to be able to get caught up with a group of informed businessmen that know where serious action is. And the reality is that some people may be right. Skin clinics are the advancement of aesthetic medicine, and those that do not sign up for the revolution may watch from the sidelines as their fortune is decided.

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Laser clinics are the forerunner of some innovation in aesthetic medicine. Cosmetic lasers, IPLs, radio frequency, infrared, laser resurfacing, Thermage treatments, Fraxel, Botox, Dysport, Smart lipo, recumbent Genetics solutions, bio-identical hormonal managing, anti-aging medicines, as well as a cornicopia of other systems within development hope to improve medicine just as that computers, aircraft engines, and sales automation have altered. Systems makes it possible for any technician (within medical direction) to do reliable treatments and places the md inside a judgment making and supervisory role rather then being the key practitioner or healthcare provider.Dynamic technologies creates deep issues for medical doctors. Expertise enables painless reproduction as well as scalability, forces a extreme learning curve on overworked medical professionals, and minimizes the bulk of the limitations and protections which medical professionals have relied on up to now. The mix of markets that medspas and skin clinics contend in is enormous ($40 – $50 billion each year and expanding), remarkably fragmented (personal specialist model), completely new (technology-based), and so far, is usually free of all significant nationwide competitors.

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So, how do you get a med spa in your current medical practice? Fortunately is that it may be accomplished. Medical spas really have a long way to advance before the industry is actually saturated.

Revolution No 9 by Neil McMahon

“Revolution No. 9” by Neil McMahon is the fourth in a series about San Francisco emergency room physician and amateur sleuth, Carroll Monks. Once again his life is in danger when he becomes involved in a series of high profile murders in this riveting thriller.Dr. Carroll Monks, divorced ER physician, is alienated from his twenty-two year old son, Glenn, who he hasn’t seen for years. One evening a young woman knocks at his door. She tells him she has a flat tire and he reluctantly goes outside to help her. Before he can get over the shock of seeing Glenn inside the car, he’s abducted and taken to a remote compound where a group of counterculture terrorists are planning a revolution. The leader is a drug addicted psychopath called Freeboot. He and his group are determined to change society and liberate the downtrodden. They have already killed some wealthy citizens, stole their possessions and hid them in homeless camps. The plan is to set the rich against the poor.

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Monks was kidnapped, at Glenn’s suggestion, to treat Freeboot’s three year old son, Mandrake, who is sick. Although the boy is diabetic and extremely ill Freeboot will not allow him to go to a hospital. He’s willing to sacrifice his son for his cause. Monks may not be able to save his own son, but he’s determined to keep Mandrake alive at all costs. This is a solid well written plot. The cult’s motives are real, making this book all the more convincing. It’s a chilling read, Freeboot and his lieutenant, Taxman, are believable villains who kill without remorse for their cause. They’ve taken the Beatles song as their anthem, hence the title of the book. There’s plenty of medical detail along with the action and suspense. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed.

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Publisher: HarperTorch (December 27, 2005)ISBN: 978-0060529192Pages: 352Kindle Edition: $6.00